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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each reading session take?

A fullprivate reading lasts anywhere from 50-90 minutes.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Readings are completed via Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime, and Facebook video or voice calls.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

Each reading is unique and a completely natural experience.  It is very normal to get emotional during a reading and to feel overwhelmed. It is also a beautiful and comforting experience. Please trust that any and all information brought through during the reading will never be shared without your consent.

What type of information comes up during a reading?

During readings people often ask what type of information comes through from spirit ... Well, there is no easy answer to this, because it can range from memories, to current situations, to even future predictions, months of passing, birthdays, important dates and names as well as names to link you to other people. Along with bringing the love of your spirit family and both minor and shocking thought provoking messages/clarification/ from them.

 More often than not people are shocked by the information.
Sometimes spirit bring very relevant and pertinent information or details which makes immediate sense to you right at that moment, and other times it's just small details ex. You've just painted or are thinking about decorating. While the small pieces of information may not be life changing news, it still shows you the sitter that your family are always close by. 
Often spirit come through whom may have passed when you were very young, or maybe you didn't know them all that well... They still are in your life at some point and would like to for whatever reason be remembered.

Another thing I hear from sitters, is "well we saw each other(family) but, I didn't really know them" again that spirit person is choosing to be remembered, and while it may not be of massive importance to you, that person may be so important to someone else in your family....

You may not understand the information at the time of the reading, but may go away do some research, or more likely the information is being predicted without my knowledge, and then it happens later... Sometimes years later!

The BEST way to come to a sitting, is with a completely open mind, with no expectation of who and what you'd like to hear. I always offer my sitters a chance to have questions answered at the end of the session. However you must also understand, that sometimes the questions we desperately want to know are not meant to have an answer, for your best interest! After all we all have a life to live and can't solely rely on the answers from others to life's toughest questions, because that would then interfere with the experience we are meant to have!

If you are worried or concerned please feel free to contact me for clarification. 

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