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Readings with Christa

Psychic Medium Christa

Working as a medium since 2007, Christa has the incredible ability to contact with the spirit world, and give the healing that is needed to the individuals she works with.  Christa brings remarkable evidence from spirit and her sitters leave knowing without a doubt, that their family have made a connection in that moment.

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Loren Ellen, NSW

"Honestly an amazing women inside and out! Can not believe how spot on my reading was it gave me goose bumps! Not only did she give me my uncles name and my fathers name! But she new my nanas time of death…..if your thinking about getting a reading and unsure! I hope this gives tryouts reassurance Christa is amazing

Thank you Christa I am so so greatful for all your reassurance 💜"

Shonna Richardson

"Christa is amazing in what she does and I highly recommend her. TYSM for what you do christa xx."

Tanya D. Lewis

“Christa is amazing...  I've had a few reading with her now and gets me everytime...”

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“My reading with Christa was so wonderful, I'm still in awe! She brought through my dad who passed from a stroke 3 years ago. He had Alzheimer's and the only memories he had left were from his childhood. Christa gave me his NAME and very specifically detailed his personality, our relationship, my brother's relationship with him AND she detailed that his well-groomed little bichon frise dog is also with him. She also brought through my grandson who passed from a drug overdose. Christa detailed his battle with bi-polar, that he's with his little sister always, how musically inclined he was, and that he had 2 other friends on the other side with him.  Christa, I adore you!! Thank you so much for my peace of mind."

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"Christa Marie, I really can’t thank you enough for that. Your amazing woman. You honestly don’t know how much lighter I feel. So much has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so so much 💜🦋" 

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“Christa Marie SPEAKS TO SPIRIT 100,000,000%  I paid for a private reading yesterday and OMG she told me about the Mexican sopes recipe I made last week. and she said my wrestling teacher helped me make them. He trained me Mexican style wrestling. And in the reading he told me what beans to use with the recipe and it's crazy because i didn't know which beans to use. And OMG I DID NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE SOPES RECIPIE I MADE. I didn't post ANYTHING about it's was just something I did by myself like it's crazy I cried so much as soon as she said the word sopes it's like OMG THIS IS REAL she really is connecting and speaking to my crossed over loved ones. What an AMAZING READING Christa gave me...  also my cousin had a reading with Christa recently and Christa connected with the person she wanted to hear from and told her things NO ONE COULD POSSIBLE KNOW. even my aunt wasn't a beliver but Christa mentioned her baby whos name was Angel that passed shortly after birth and now my aunt is amazed and wants a private reading.... ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO CONNECT WITH A LOVED ONE CROSSED OVER needs to get a private reading with christa!!!!!!! She really connects with spirit and will tell you things NO ONE COULD possibly know about...  it is worth every single penny to have a reading with her i swear it! I have had 2 private paid readings with her and am going to have another in the future. She is the ONLY medium I would ever recommend to anyone! 💗 thank you christa you have helped me so much I appreciate your time always. 😊"

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Laura Panno

I just finished a reading with Christa and she never ceases to amaze me! She is wonderful! My entire reading was on point and she not only answered my question but went above and beyond to make sure my question was answered on both an emotional and rational level. She is well worth the time spent with her. Thank you Christa from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕❤️

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This woman brought through grandparents (whom never got through before)
She even described the resistance in my grandfather which left me speechless, she witnesses an image along with her intuitive ability to hear spirit, unlike most she is honest and direct without any prompts or feedback from yourself, I’ve waited years for someone like Christa to come along (spend many many £€$€£ in the past)
I’m a BIG BIG fan, will be back daily 😂 she is worth every penny xx

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